Video: SEMA Members Rock 2016 King of the Hammers

By Carr Winn and Mark Schaal

Off-road racer Erik Miller's car took first place this year at the 10th annual King of the Hammers (KOH). Miller’s vehicle worked relentlessly finishing the 165 mile course in 7 hours, 30 minutes and 55 seconds.

King of the Hammers highlights and interviews with SEMA members taking on the unfriendly terrain and interacting one-on-one with enthusiasts.

“This motor sang the whole day,” Miller said Friday afternoon, 25 minutes before second place finisher Jason Scherer would cross the finish line. “I knew if we kept it smart, kept it conservative, that's what you have to do here.”

Third-place finisher was Raul Gomez (8:23:57), who broke away from Shannon Campbell (8:26:18) in the latter stage of the race after Campbell ran into technical difficulties.

History also was made at this year’s Hammers as Bailey Campbell (8:45:18), the 19-year-old daughter of Shannon Campbell was the top female KOH driver ever, finishing fifth, and the only female racing this year.

“I'm so freaking excited,” she said to media photographers crowded around her vehicle. The teenage racer beat sixth-place finisher Jason T. Shipman (8:49:15) by about four minutes, who actually finished earlier than Campbell because he started earlier.

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