Hot Rodders of Tomorrow 2016 Engine Challenge Kicks Off With RP Expo

By SEMA Editors

Team Weld Racing from Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Center was the 2015 Hot Rodders of Tomorrow national champion with an average time of 18:19.

The 2016 Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge is set to kick off during the ninth-annual Race and Performance (RP) Expo, to be held February 20–21 in Schaumburg, Illinois. The Engine Challenge, also entering its ninth season, has experienced tremendous growth over the past eight years. This year, 32 high-school teams will compete against each other in performance engine rebuilds.

Last year’s Engine Challenge champion, Team Weld Racing from Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Center, completed four engine rebuilds in an average time of 18:19. Five high-school students work together to tear down and rebuild a performance engine quicker than what’s required of most professionals. The teams competing at the Expo will look for times of 35 minutes or better, without penalties, in order to qualify for the Dual Championships to be held at the SEMA and PRI Shows later this year.

After outgrowing its old location, this will be the first year in the RP Expo’s new location, the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. For more information, including hotel reservations, visit