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Video: Petersen Automotive Museum Features Pixar's “Cars”

By Carr Winn

For nearly 14 months, the Petersen Automotive Museum has undergone a renovation to upgrade the exterior and interior of the establishment, which originally opened in 1994. The museum is now complete. Following a weekend of preview events and tours, the Petersen Automotive Museum officially reopened Monday, December 7.

The outside of the building has been draped in a display of metallic strips that provide a unique look of flowing red waves. Inside, the three floors of the Petersen Automotive Museum have been completely transformed with new displays and updated attractions.

One of the newest additions to the museum is the Cars Mechanical Institute, where visitors interact with vehicles from the “Cars” franchise. Museum guests can learn about the internal workings of an engine, correctly connect circuits of an electrical system to power an engine’s flywheel, interact with a digital transmission to see how gear ratios affect wheel speed, and see how a suspension works to control a wheel over rough terrain.

Created via partnership with Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, the goal of the display is to offer an entertaining approach to educating people about cars and trucks that will inspire generations to be involved in the automotive hobby.

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