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Spy Shots—Revised 2017 Scion FRS


Toyota engineers are working on a mid-cycle revamp for the Scion FRS. The changes, which will also cover the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ, target both the aesthetic and the technical side of the machine.

Talking the latter, engineers are well aware of the lack of power and are working on it, but don’t expect massive gains. In fact, the rumor talks about a 5% boost, which would bring the output from the current 200 hp to 210 hp.

At the same time, the efficiency is said to improve by up to 7%. The 2.0L boxer engine will receive a redesigned intake manifold and offer reduced internal friction.

The handling, on the other hand, has always been a delicious treat of the FRS, and things are about to get even better. The rear suspension sub-frame will offer superior rigidity, while the connection to the road will be further improved, thanks to Sachs dampers.

While all three incarnations of the back-to-basics RWD machine are expected to receive the same tech upgrades, things will be different in terms of design. The styling change will target both the front and rear of the vehicle, but, for now, the camouflage keeps us from getting into the details.

scion Photo credit: Brian Williams, SpiedBilde