Plan and Save—12 Early-Bird Discounts Still Available

By Jason Catullo

The advance-rate deadline on carpet and cleaning orders is October 16.

With the 2015 SEMA Show less than 30 days away, planning effectively and taking advantage of the early-bird discounts are the best ways for exhibitors to save money. For complete information on the all SEMA Show services and advance rate deadlines, access the SEMA Show Exhibitor Deadline Checklist. For more information, access the SEMA Show Exhibitor Services Manual.

Here are several deadlines and discounts approaching.

October 16

  • After-Hours Events
  • Carpet and Cleaning Order (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  • Credit Card Authorization – Freeman
  • Electrical Order – LVCC Exhibits (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  • Electrical Order – Westgate Exhibits (Advance Rate) – TSE
  • Exhibit Accessories (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  • Exhibit Furnishings (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  • Exhibitor-Appointed contractor (EAC) Application
  • Exhibitor Product Training Sessions
  • Exhibitor Registration Due – Domestic (to receive badges in the mail)
  • Exhibitor Registration – International (to receive barcode confirmation)
  • Hanging Truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting and Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  • Labor, Installation and Dismantle – Freeman
  • Manufacturer’s Rep Matching Service
  • Meeting/Function Space Reservation
  • Payment Authorization Form – Freeman
  • Rigging Equipment Labor Order – Freeman
  • Special Signs and Graphics (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  • Third Party Payment – Freeman
  • Utilities: Air/Water/Drain Order (Advance Rate) – Exhibits at the LVCC – Freeman
  • Utilities: Air/Water/Drain Order (Advance Rate) – Exhibits at Westgate – Freeman
  • Vehicle Detailing (Advance Rate) – Professional Detailers

October 20

  • Audio/Visual (Advance Rate) – PRG
  • Computer Rental (Advance Rate) – PRG

October 21

  • Freight – Last day freight will be accepted at the warehouse without penalty

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