Latest News From SEMA Show Exhibitors

By Becca Butler

red baron
Red Baron Tools’ new tool organizer can be placed on a work surface or on an available Red Baron Tools rolling cart.
Find out the latest news from a number of different SEMA Show exhibitors and see what they have planned for this year’s Show by visiting the Online Media Center. Product announcements, vehicle unveils, product demonstrations and more are announced via the SEMA Show Online Media Center. Make sure you check back frequently for the most up-to-date exhibitor news. Here’s the latest:

Bed Wood and Parts LLC, Booth #22984, introduces their new Classic Track Load Securing track system for classic pickup trucks. The high-strength aluminum CNC-machined track with hidden fasteners replaces two of the existing bed strips and allows users to secure items along the full length of their classic pickup bed.

PML, Booth #24425, introduces heavy-duty valve covers for the Chevrolet 348, 409 W block engines. These new valve covers feature an unadorned look and top-quality cast-aluminum construction.

IDR Manufacturing, Booth #90054, announces the Latch N Load—a new tool for tying down any extended load to your pickup. Made of carbon steel and built strong enough to last for many years, the Latch N Load makes it easy to tie down and safely transport whatever you need to haul.

Red Baron Tools, Booth #15613, announces a new tool organizer designed to keep tools easy to reach. The patented product can be placed on a work surface or on an available Red Baron Tools rolling cart.

Lincoln Electric, Booth #24643,
will showcase their latest lineup of MIG, TIG and robotic welders at the 2015 SEMA Show. In addition, Showgoers will be able to visit their booth to explore the products that elite race teams and hot-rod and bike builders use in their own custom builds and repairs and meet celebrity designers/builders during special guest appearances.

Design Engineering, Booth #20013, introduces their new Muffler Shield Kit, constructed of 10-mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8-in. needle glass insulator. It’s a clean-looking shield that greatly reduces radiant heat resulting in a cooler cabin interior and overall component protection from the effects of extreme heat.

Chariotz Inc., Booth #48193, announces their patent-pending QR Code technology that allows Showgoers to scan a vehicle’s QR code using their app to instantly see all the products and modifications done to the vehicle.

Mishimoto Automotive, Booth #21655,
introduces their new BMW E46 3-series intake boots made from a combination of high-grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers for a high-quality replacement kit for your stock rubber hoses.

KTN Thermo Dynamics LLC, Booth #90316,
introduces their Kiylex Thermo Throttle Body Spacers product line, which guarantees a 30% reduction in overall intake manifold temperature, delivering cooler, denser air into your engine.

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