Exhibitors: 7 Things Your Competitor Doesn’t Want You to Know

 New Products Showcase
Fifty-four percent of buyers are influenced to visit an exhibitor by the New Products Showcase.
By Becca Butler

With the 2015 SEMA Show just two short months away, many exhibitors have firmed up their Show strategies and are finalizing their plans. There are a number of different programs and resources in place to assist exhibitors in reaching their goals and getting the greatest return on their SEMA Show investment. In fact, most buyers are taking advantage of these tools and don’t want you to know about it. Here’s what they’re doing:

They entered the New Products Showcase. Exhibitors who enter their products in the New Products Showcase benefit from increased exposure and additional publicity. Fifty-four percent of buyers are influenced to visit an exhibitor by the New Products Showcase. Participating exhibitors also benefit from the leads that are generated by buyers who scan their products in the Showcase. Exhibitors can enter their first product for free.

Their vehicle owners entered Battle of the Builders. All display, booth and feature vehicles at the 2015 SEMA Show are encouraged to enter SEMA Battle of the Builders—a nationwide competition that recognizes the top builders at the Show. Exhibitors whose builders enter can benefit from the immense media exposure that the products on the vehicles will gain. Enter online.

SEMA Ignited
They’re attending SEMA Ignited. Exhibitors can participate in SEMA Ignited by having their feature or booth vehicle on display at the event, and using it as exhibit space to connect with consumers and the industry. The second annual event will take place Friday, November 6, from 3:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m., in the Gold Lot, across the street from the LVCC. Entrance is free with your Show credentials.

They posted their news on the Online Media Center. The SEMA Show Online Media Center is a place for editors, reporters and buyers to stay up-to-date on the latest exhibitor-related news. Product announcements, vehicle debuts and other Show news that’s posted is covered in a number of media outlets as well as SEMA’s own publications. Post a release online.

They offered their products to project-vehicle builders. Exhibitors who offer their products to SEMA Show project vehicle builders will increase their product exposure and Show-floor presence by having their products on display. Interested exhibitors can easily connect with builders by filling out the online form.

They’re offering SEMA Show specials/discounts. Buyers who place orders while at the SEMA Show take advantage of a limited-time SEMA Show special. In fact, three out of four buyers place an order as a result of a special or discount being offered.

They connected with their account reps. A designated account representative is assigned to each exhibiting company to assist with Show-related questions and help exhibitors receive the greatest return on their investment. The most successful exhibitors stay connected to their account rep in the months leading up to the Show to ensure they’re taking advantage of all exhibitor resources.

Ensure you’re on track for a successful Show. For more information on all the tools and resources available, visit the Exhibitor Services Manual or contact your account rep at or 909-396-0289. For more information, visit