Exhibitors Offering Products to 2015 SEMA Show Builders

 Project Vehicle SEMA Show 2014
To participate in the list of exhibitors offering products to builders, access the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders form located in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual.

By Jason Catullo

Exhibitors of the 2015 SEMA Show are invited to expand their reach, product exposure and Show-floor presence by offering products to builders through the list below. New submissions will appear in SEMA eNews when available, and the information and product offers are provided by this year’s confirmed exhibitors. Builders interested in obtaining a product can contact the exhibitor directly.

With all project vehicles required to be supported by a current 2015 SEMA Show exhibitor, all product-placement decisions, negotiations and agreements are the responsibility of the exhibiting manufacturer and the builder. Participation in the list does not guarantee product placement at the 2015 SEMA Show.

Exhibitors: To participate in the list, access the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders form located in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual. Once submitted, the listing will appear in the next available issue of eNews.

Note: For verification purposes, the Project-Vehicle Builders form must be used to participate in the program; email submissions will not be included in the list.

The list is open to exhibitors of the 2015 SEMA Show only. For questions or additional information, contact Jason Catullo at

All submissions are listed on

Latest Submissions

Engine Components/Accessories

Aero Exhaust: Silicone hoses. Contact: Jordan,; 801-301-0408. Website:

Exterior Components/Accessories

Aero Exhaust: T304 stainless steel patented Aeroturbine mufflers and exhaust components. Contact: Jordan,; 801-301-0408. Website:

Suspension/Brake Components

Aldan American: Adjustable coilover shock absorbers and springs for domestic hot rods, musclecars, street rods, late models and custom chassis. Contact: Tamara Chehata,; 310-834-7478. Website:

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