Attention Exhibitors: People You Should NOT Register for the SEMA Show

 Feature Vehicle Outside
Feature Vehicle Applications are submitted by exhibitors prior to the SEMA Show. Badges for feature vehicle drivers/owners are distributed onsite.

By Becca Butler

Exhibitor badges for booth personnel at the 2015 SEMA Show are available at Each exhibiting company is given a complimentary allotment based on their booth size and additional badges may be purchased for $25.

Badges must be secured by the individual designated as the exhibitor’s key contact, and are to be used only for company staff and booth personnel, including translators, celebrities, models and booth vehicle builders. Other badge types are available for the following groups and should not be registered as exhibitors:

  • Feature Vehicle Owners. While Feature Vehicle Applications are submitted by exhibitors prior to the SEMA Show, badges for feature vehicle drivers are distributed onsite. At the SEMA Show, feature vehicle owners will check in their vehicle before going to registration, where they can purchase up to two badges at $25 each.
  • Contest Winners. Exhibitors who host a contest that results in attendance to the SEMA Show must register their contest and adhere to the promotion rules listed in the application. Winner’s badges must then be secured through Show Management as noted on the Promotion Contest Application.  
  • Advertising/Marketing Contractors. Outside advertising/marketing consultants or agencies must apply for credentials using the “Attendee” link at Applicants may be required to provide proof of industry affiliation and an established partnership with one or more exhibiting companies. Credentials will allow applicants to represent their exhibiting clients at the Show, and are not to be used to solicit new business.

Show Management makes active efforts to screen all registration applicants in order to provide the industry with the best possible environment to connect buyers and sellers, while still keeping the process simple for qualified individuals. Those caught misrepresenting themselves or assisting in falsifying information run the risk of being banned from the Show.

For questions and information regarding who does and does not qualify to receive exhibitor badges, contact Customer Service at 866-229-3687. Exhibit space is still available at