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Participating in the New Products Showcase Easier Than Ever

This video highlights why the SEMA Show New Products Showcase is a main attraction for buyers, while providing enhanced product and company exposure away from an exhibitor’s booth location.

By Becca Butler

Over the past several years, SEMA Show organizers have made a number of changes to make it possible for more exhibitors to take advantage of the benefits of participating in the New Products Showcase.

“We know that exhibitors who participate in the New Products Showcase tend to have greater product awareness, more traffic at their booths and increased media coverage from the SEMA Show,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA vice president of communication and events. “We are committed to making it as easy as possible for exhibitors to participate in the program.”

Among the changes that have taken place during the past few years that make it easy for exhibitors to participate in the New Products Showcase are:

  • New location and check-in system. The 2015 New Products Showcase will be located on the skybridge between Central and South Halls, making it possible for organizers to streamline the product check-in/-out system, resulting in a faster and easier process for exhibitors.
  • Option to ship products. Exhibitors can have their product(s) shipped to the Showcase in advance. Once on-site, they will need to visit the Showcase prior to Monday, November 2, at 3:00 p.m., to unpack and check-in the product(s), but the product(s) will already be waiting in the Showcase area. At the end of the Show exhibitors also can skip product check-out and choose to have UPS package and ship the product(s) on their behalf.
  • Older products qualify. In 2011, a “Featured Products” category was added to the Showcase to allow products that do not meet the criteria for “new” products to be included. Approximately 20% of all Show buyers are attending the SEMA Show for the first time, so the featured products category is especially valuable to exhibitors that may want to promote an existing line to new customers.

For more information on the New Products Showcase or to enter a product, click here.