Exhibitors Offering Products to 2015 SEMA Show Builders

 SEMA Show Project Vehicle
To participate in the list of exhibitors offering products to builders, access the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders form located in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual.

By Jason Catullo

Exhibitors of the 2015 SEMA Show are invited to expand their reach, product exposure and Show-floor presence by offering products to builders through the list below. New submissions will appear in SEMA eNews when available, and the information and product offers are provided by this year’s confirmed exhibitors. Builders interested in obtaining a product can contact the exhibitor directly.

With all project vehicles required to be supported by a current 2015 SEMA Show exhibitor, all product-placement decisions, negotiations and agreements are the responsibility of the exhibiting manufacturer and the builder. Participation in the list does not guarantee product placement at the 2015 SEMA Show.

Exhibitors: To participate in the list, access the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders form located in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual. Once submitted, the listing will appear in the next available issue of eNews.

Note: For verification purposes, the Project-Vehicle Builders form must be used to participate in the program; email submissions will not be included in the list.

The list is open to exhibitors of the 2015 SEMA Show only. For questions or additional information, contact Jason Catullo at

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Latest Submissions

Engine Components/Accessories

Flowmaster, B&M, Hurst: Starters, flex plates, automatic transmissions, torque convertors, aluminum finned diff covers and trans pans, oil/trans coolers, roll control/line locks. Contact: Dale Dotson,; 707-544-4761 x450. Websites:,,

K&N Engineering Inc.: Air filters, air intake systems, crankcase breather filters. Contact: Jeremy Templeman,; 951-826-4100. Website:

LoudMouth Exhaust Co.: GM Truck / SUV Exhaust Systems - GM Diesel Truck Exhaust Systems - Chevy Camaro Headers and Exhaust Systems - Chevy Corvette Exhaust Systems - Ford Mustang Headers and Exhaust Systems - Ford F-150 Exhaust Systems - Ford Raptor Exhaust Systems - Ford Focus Exhaust Systems - Ford Diesel Truck Exhaust Systems - Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Systems - Dodge Charger Exhaust Systems - Dodge Challenger Exhaust Systems - Chrysler 300 Exhaust Systems - Ram Truck Exhaust Systems - Ram Diesel Truck Exhaust Systems - Universal Fit Mufflers / Resonators - Custom Exhaust Systems - Show Cars. Contact: Jay Velthoven,; 734-466-6259. Website:  

MagnaFlow: Performance headers, cat-back exhaust systems, motorcycle exhaust systems and slip-on mufflers, universal mufflers and builder’s kits for fabricating custom exhaust systems. Contact: Jim Cates,; 949-858-5900. Website:

Maradyne High Performance Fans: Universal-fit electric cooling fans, thermostatic control accessories for single and dual fans, universal wall, floor and under dash mount heaters. Contact: C.J. Clayton,; 216-416-4622. Website:

Exterior Components/Accessories

A.R.E: A.R.E. fiberglass tonneau covers and truck caps. Contact: Shari Arfons, McCullough Public Relations,; 330-244-9980. Website:

BASF: Glasurit paint products (factory on all Maybach, Mercedes, Bentley, Roles Royce, and Tesla) and R-M (Factory Ford, GM supplier). Both products are available in waterborne as well as solvent bases. Custom painters may choose Carizzma Candy Paint as well from R-M. All vehicle chosen will be supplied primer, color, and clear. Contact: Brian Fox,; 717-577-6449. Websites:;;;

Design Infini: Wheels for exotic cars, modern muscle, JDM, truck, and SUV applications. Contact: Steve Oh,; 714-990-2233.

Flowmaster, B&M, Hurst: Hurst wheels, Hurst logo fender decal sets, Hurst badges. Contact: Dale Dotson,; 707-544-4761 x450. Websites:,,

JMS: JMS Avenger and Savage street and drag wheels for ’10-’15 Mustang, ’10-’15 Camaro and ’10-’15 Challenger and Charger. Contact: Brad Grissom,; 386-314-6573. Website:  

Go Rhino! Products/Big Country Truck Accessories: Front and rear bumpers, side steps, racks, bed rails and exhaust tips. Contact: Evan Medley,; 888-427-4466. Website:

HornBlasters Inc.: At HornBlasters, we are known for providing obnoxiously loud horns and the best pneumatic accessories available anywhere in the world. Our main product lines are surrounded around air horn and train horn kits, but we also offer a variety of on-board air systems with DOT-rated tanks, fittings, valves and airline. Our Conductor’s Special kits are built of mostly made in the USA parts and stand out from any and all other horns on the market. As the manufacturer of most of our products, we can customize any kit to fit your build. Contact: Manny Rizzo,, 877-209-8179. Website:

NRG Innovations: Lug nuts. Contact: Steven Anderson, 626-396-2668, ext. 107. Website:

Rhino-Rack USA: Vehicle specific base racks, aluminum platform racks, Jeep JK and Toyota FJ BackBone systems, baskets, cargo boxes, 4x4 and heavy-duty parts as well as an assortment of sport accessory mounts. Contact: Robert Close,; 303-706-9700. Website:  

TRIMAX: Adjustable RAZOR hitches in five styles, keyed alike receiver and coupler locking pins, universal unattended trailer locks, ultra-max wheel locks, and a full line of powersports cables and locks. Contact: Jim Sentz,; 866-796-8500. Website:

Interior Components/Accessories

Flowmaster, B&M, Hurst: Auto and manual shifters, shift sticks, shift handles, Hurst floor mats for late-model muscle. Contact: Dale Dotson,; 707-544-4761 x450. Websites:,,

Kleinn Air Horns: Kleinn Air Horns manufactures onboard air systems and train horns for all vehicles. We are interested in supplying product for the builds that will be featured in the next Battle of the Builders. Contact: Lance Martz,; 714-504-0934. Website:  

NRG Innovations: Steering wheels, quick release, hub adapters, shift knobs, pedal covers and seat belts. Contact: Steven Anderson, 626-396-2668, ext. 107. Website:

Suspension/Brake Components

Flowmaster, B&M, Hurst: Lowering/handling springs, sway bars and two-piece racing brake rotors for late-model muscle. Contact: Dale Dotson,; 707-544-4761 x450. Websites:,,

Prothane Products: Polyurethane-based suspension, chassis and driveline components. Contact: Rick Sadler,; 714-979-4990. Website:

Wheels & Tires

WTW Inc.: Aluminum wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs. One-piece cast and three-piece forged available. Full and partial sponsorships available at WTW’s discretion. Contact: Fernando Guzman,; 562-941-8411. Website:

Other Products/Services

Flowmaster, B&M, Hurst: Flowmaster and Hurst exhaust systems, mufflers and exhaust accessories. Contact: Dale Dotson,; 707-544-4761 x450. Websites:,,

Maradyne High Performance Fans: Portable air compressors. Contact: C.J. Clayton,; 216-416-4622. Website:

Prothane Products:
Polyurethane-based engine and transmission mounts. Contact: Rick Sadler,; 714-979-4990. Website:

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