Online Media Center—Find Out What Exhibitors Have Planned for the Show

By Becca Butler

media center
Editors and reporters can easliy access the Online Media Center to obtain Show-related news prior to the SEMA Show.
Exhibitors are beginning to post press releases in the Online Media Center announcing their plans and product debuts for the 2015 SEMA Show. Free for exhibitors to post and easily accessible by editors and reporters, the Online Media Center serves as the place to obtain Show-related news prior to the November event.

Here’s a recap of what some exhibitors have announced for this year’s Show:
  • Tuff Truck Bags, Booth 32334 will feature its new waterproof cargo bag made exclusively for pickups. The bag is designed to keep luggage and gear safe and dry in rain or snow. It serves as an alternative to a bed cover and is made from waterproof, heavy-duty, non-breathable PVC material.
  • Mishimoto Automotive, Booth 21655 introduces its Liquid Chill Synthetic Engine Coolant to help your engine warm up quickly and maintain ideal operating temperatures.
  • Kleinn Air Horns, Booth 35137 announces its new trio of Onboard Air Systems. The systems come wired with a pressure switch that will turn the unit on and off at preset pressures.
Find out what other exhibitors have planned by checking the Online Media Center and staying up to date with SEMA Show exhibitor news and announcements. To post a release, visit the SEMA Show website.