June’s Checklist for Successful Exhibitors—Develop Marketing Materials

By Becca Butler

Product demonstrations are a great way to attract buyers to your booth.
The Priority Booth Space Selection is now behind us. With a confirmed space and location at the 2015 SEMA Show, now is the time for exhibitors to lock down details to bring their booths to life. Here are some key action items to take care of this month:
  • Choose your products: Chances are you already know what product(s) you are debuting. Ensure you have a comprehensive list of all the products you plan to showcase at the SEMA Show. Many exhibitors choose to include existing products in their SEMA Show plans, since 25% of all buyers at the SEMA Show have never attended the annual event before and may not already be familiar with your existing products. You may also want to feature cross-marketing products and promote those lines to attract new customers.
  • Find your attention-grabber: Many buyers discover new exhibitors simply by walking by exhibitors’ booths. But research shows that there are certain features that typically draw a buyer into a booth, such as a product or vehicle display or a product demonstration. Other things to consider are contests, giveaways, celebrity appearances and booth design. If you are considering a contest, learn about promotion and contest rules.
  • Develop marketing materials: Now is the time to develop your marketing materials for the Show. Whether it’s brochures, postcards, press releases or ads, your company’s brand will best be displayed through the marketing materials you provide to potential buyers in the weeks leading up to and during the Show.
  • Confirm your vendors: Many exhibitors hire third-party contractors to perform services, such as installation, sound and lighting, production and more. Exhibitors using contractors who are not official SEMA Show contractors are required to submit an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Agreement. While the deadline to submit this agreement is not until October 18, exhibitors should begin securing their contractors now, allowing for enough time to review proposals and confirm their services.
  • Submit your feature vehicle application: The SEMA Show feature vehicle program gives exhibitors additional exposure and generates interest by displaying a vehicle with their products in a featured location outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. The deadline to submit a feature vehicle application is September 18. Get your application in as soon as possible; limited space is available.
Already done? Review the April and May checklists to verify that you’ve completed those tasks, and check back for next month’s list. To learn about all of the resources available for exhibitors, contact or 909-396-0289. Companies interested in exhibiting can still sign up online.