Off-Roaders Welcome Decision to Remove Sage Grouse Species From Endangered List

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff
The U.S. Department of Interior has decided not to place the bi-state sage grouse on the Endangered Species list. This particular species of sage grouse lives in California and Nevada and was placed on the “threatened” list in 2013. The Interior Department has now determined that voluntary conservation efforts are enough to protect the bird. The decision is welcome news to off-road enthusiasts given that endangered species designations often result in the federal government closing down land previously available for motorized recreation. 

Just last November, the federal government listed another species of sage grouse exclusive to Colorado and Utah on the threatened list. This fall, the Interior Department is scheduled to make a decision on the largest issue, whether the greater sage grouse is endangered or it can be adequately protected via comprehensive voluntary efforts. The bird’s habitat spans 165 million acres across 11 western states. 

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