Know Your Three Types of SEMA Show Booths

By Becca Butler

There are three different types of SEMA Show booth space configurations to choose from: Island, Linear and Peninsula.

Companies applying for booth space at the 2015 SEMA Show will be asked to select a booth size and configuration. Things such as vehicles, displays, resources and your overall objective for attending the Show play a factor in selecting the booth that best fits your needs. There are three different types of booth space configurations to choose from: Island, Linear and Peninsula. Here’s what each one entails:

Island Exhibit: An island exhibit is surrounded by aisles. These exhibits must be at least 20x20. There are other dimensions available with the largest being 50x60. Some exhibitors prefer an island exhibit because it offers booth exposure on all four sides. Keep in mind that there is an additional surcharge for island exhibits.

Linear Exhibit: A linear exhibit, also called an ‘in-line’ booth, is generally arranged in a straight line and has neighboring exhibitors on both sides, leaving only one side exposed to the aisle. These booths are 10x10 and offered up to 10x40. Linear exhibits are the most common SEMA Show booth configuration.

Peninsula Exhibit: A peninsula exhibit is the “end cap” of booth space. It is surrounded by aisles on three sides and must be no smaller than 20x20. Additional dimensions are available up to 50x60.

Each configuration is unique in its own way and offers its own advantages. Companies should consider their goals for attending the Show and their exhibit properties before selecting a booth size and configuration. The size selected on the booth space application is what will be assigned during the Space Selection Process. Changes to the size can be made only after the space allocation process.

Account representatives are available to help exhibitors identify what booth space might be best and to assist with general planning. Contact a rep at, 909-396-0289, or apply for booth by visiting