Spy Shots

Spy Shots—Revamped 2016 Lotus Evora


The shooters at KGP Photography have just gotten the first look at the revamped ’16 Lotus Evora, caught testing in Southern Europe.

When it was announced that the Evora wouldn't see 2015, initial impressions were that the model was being killed altogether. Shortly thereafter, reports surfaced that the Evora was being reworked in time for a 2016 relaunch for the United States and most other global markets. With that news, questions began swirling as to just how new would the revamped Evora actually be. These photos provide some key answers as to what's on tap.

The Evora will see some changes to front and rear fascias. Up front, the Evora gets a much more aggressive front bumper design, with larger intakes across the entire front clip. Changes have also been applied to the Evora's tail section, with a new rear-wing design that may incorporate a subtly reworked backlight and deck lid.

Inside sources suggest that changes have been made to provide easier access to the rear seats, although no exterior changes can be discerned to confirm those reports. It's possible that we are dealing with new, thinner seats and revised mechanisms to aid ingress. But it doesn't appear that the Evora is getting any thoroughly reworked body panels around the B or C pillars.

Just how deep the changes go remains to be seen. We'll likely have to wait until the car's official debut to see how extensive the changes are beneath the skin.


Photo credit: KGP Photography