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Spy Photos—Bugatti Veyron’s Rumored Replacement

Bugatti Chiron

Here are some early shots of a test mule for the follow-up to the Bugatti Veyron—rumored to be called Chiron.

Caught testing in Europe, this lightly camouflaged Veyron shows several modifications, which peg it as the next-generation tester. Among the more curious changes is the use of the steering wheel from the Volkswagen Polo GTI. The use of this type of steering wheel could signify an attempt to tap into the latest technology components set in use by all of the Volkswagen Automotive Group (VAG) vehicles.

The shooters managed to look in the Chiron mule’s engine bay and could see elements of electrification assistance for a high-performance hybrid powertrain, possibly to follow the example of the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. If rumors are correct, the Chiron will outgun the competition with an estimated 1,500hp.

At the Chiron's B-pillar and engine bay, instead of the large snorkel air intakes, this prototype is more smoothly finished, with simple NACA ducts directing air into the engine. The result is a cleaner profile, which may affect the look of the final design of the next-generation car.

Bugatti Chiron

Photo Credit: KGP Photography