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SEMA Data Co-op to Launch SEMA Search Electronic Catalog

By Jason Catullo

Jon Wyly, CEO of the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC), explains the benefits of the SDC’s industry data repository, the newly launched SEMA Search, and how a single source of data delivery helps manufacturers and resellers.

The goal of the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) is simple: To develop a centralized industry data repository. The recently announced SEMA Search, which is powered by information gathered through the SDC, is an Internet-based electronic catalog that salespeople at WDs and retailers can access to look up parts online.

The SDC provides education, assistance and tools—such as SEMA Search—needed to help manufacturers bring their product information into the SDC repository. The SDC ensures that the submitted data is complete, meets the industry’s data standards and employs its industry-powered delivery method to get the data to resellers using the info to fuel their business systems.

The SDC not only provides the opportunity for resellers to view more sales options than ever, but also delivers the information to market at a speed rarely experienced before.

For more information, visit Manufacturers that are ready to get started or have questions are invited to contact SDC’s Director of Membership Jim Graven at