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Toyota Reveals 9-Second “Sleeper” Camry

 Toyota Sleeper Camry
Under the Camry XSE skin is a full-race, 9.80-second performance machine.

By SEMA Editors

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Toyota revealed an apparently street-legal car that looked like an ordinary ’15 Camry XSE sedan. Only blacked-out windows and suspiciously large rear tires suggested this was anything other than a stock passenger car. But in fact, this Camry is the ultimate “sleeper.”

The team at Motorsports Technical Center extracted the complete outer shell of the all-new ’15 Camry and mated it to a full tube-frame chassis. A Tundra was tapped for its 5.7L 3UR-FE V8 engine, transmission, rear axle and electronics. The engine is equipped with a TRD supercharger and runs a wet nitrous system to generate an estimated 900+hp. Directing the power to the asphalt are DOT 335/30/18 drag-racing tires designed to help propel the Sleeper Camry to an estimated 9.80-second quarter-mile time.