SEMA Show Highlights

Scion Reveals Two New Customs

Metal, music and skateboarding inspired two new Scion cars now on display in SEMA booth #20313.

By SEMA Editors

Metal, music and skateboarding inspired two new Scion cars now on display in SEMA booth #20313. Scion debuted the Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC for heavy-metal-band Slayer, and the Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB for pro skateboarder Riley Hawk at this year’s SEMA Show.

Frequently cited for its deep influence on other metal bands, Slayer has a look, sound and approach all its own. The band’s aggressive style carries into the tC sports coupe’s exterior look and band-inspired details. Inside, the vehicle has been transformed into a multimedia machine with amps, towers of speakers, a custom mixer and a 32-in. monitor for media playback. Mike Vu of MV DESIGNZ lead the build process.

Beyond his skateboarding career, Hawk is a rock-’n’-roll aficionado with an appreciation for ’70s style. His xB ride combines those three passions through its high-end sound system, space for skateboards and classic orange and yellow striped paint job. Details such as bubble windows, interior wood-grain paneling, an 8-track player and requisite shag carpet make it a rolling, retro hangout spot.

The build was led by Scott Kanemura of KMA Productions. While the SEMA Show is not open to the public, there will be opportunities to see the Slayer tC and Skate Tour xB at Scion events later in
the year.

Both project vehicles join a diverse collection of modified Scions at SEMA, including three FR-S sport coupes designed by media partners as part of the 10th annual Scion Tuner Challenge. “SEMA is the ultimate opportunity to look at Scion vehicles through a new lens,” said Doug Murtha, vice president of Scion. “We’re looking forward to showing fans what Riley Hawk and the members of Slayer envisioned for the tC and xB and encourage fans to imagine for themselves.” To follow other Scion SEMA content, visit as well as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.