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Hyundai Reveals 708hp Sonata

 Hyundai 708hp Sonata
Hyundai revealed a 708hp Sonata during its opening-day 2014 SEMA Show press conference. 

By SEMA Editors

Hyundai revealed a 708hp Sonata—said to be the most powerful Sonata ever—Tuesday morning, November 4, at a press conference at the 2014 SEMA Show.

The car was built by Bisimoto, a company that specializes in extracting huge output from Hyundai’s engines, such as the 1,000hp Bisimoto Genesis Coupe that was built for last year’s SEMA Show.

For this year’s Show, the team used Hyundai’s 2.4L Theta-II four-cylinder engine as the starting point for their build. Through a combination of strengthened internal components—forged pistons, connecting rods, a high-revving valvetrain and camshafts—a high-boost turbocharger, and a fast-burning, flex-fuel diet, Bisimoto was able to extract 708 hp from the engine.

Power gets to the road through a six-speed manual transmission. As a total package, the ’15 Bisimoto Engineering Sonata boasts supercar-beating power, with room for three friends to come along for the ride of a lifetime.

Complementing the extensive overhaul under the hood, Bisimoto wrapped its ’15 Sonata in custom-laminated body wrap and graphics. The interior has been given a sporty feel with the addition of racing harnesses, AEM wideband gauges and EK Autoworx interior paint. Rounding out the exterior look is a Bisimoto front splitter and aero package, Fifteen52 18-in. aluminum wheels and Burns stainless exhaust system.

For more information, go to or visit Visit the Hyundai exhibit in Booth #24387 and the Bisimoto exhibit in Booth #21721.