SEMA Show Highlights

2014 SEMA Show Daily Update, November 5

In the BASF booth, the Chip Foose-restyled ’61 Ford Starliner and the West Coast Customs-restyled ’15 Toyota Sienna were unveiled.


Here are some brief news and updates from several 2014 SEMA Show exhibitors.

BASF, Booth #21455
In the BASF booth, the Chip Foose-restyled ’61 Ford Starliner and the West Coast Customs-restyled ’15 Toyota Sienna were unveiled. The Starliner features a Metallic Grey paint from BASF’s Glasurit 90-Line and the Sienna is painted in a custom Fiji Blue from BASF’s R-M line. Throughout the Show, experts from BASF will be on hand to discuss the latest in car color technology. Visit BASF in Booth #21455.

Remington Industries, Booth #8173
Remington Industries introduces the new Michelin EdgeLiner custom floor mat and liner program for sedans, trucks and SUVs. This program offers the best coverage and maximum protection for consumers of custom floor mats. Located at Booth #8173, Michele EdgeLiner mats are highly flexible, water-resistant and precisely measured to ensure the best possible fit for each vehicle.

Classic Performance Products, Booth #23179
Classic Performance Products, a leading manufacturer and distributor of top-quality steering, brake and suspension components, announced its new adjustable combination brake valve. Classic Performance Products is committed to the research and development of the latest, most cutting-edge, technologically
advanced products. Make sure you check them out in Central Hall at Booth #23179.

SCT Performance and Bully Dog, Booths #21333, #37028 and #61140
SCT Performance and Bully Dog introduce their new parent company Derive Systems, which was created from the merger of the two earlier this year. Derive Systems has built a software platform with the best of the collective calibration technology. SCT Performance and Bully Dog are showcasing products and demoing the software at booths #21333, 37028 and 61140.

XPEL, Booth #12229
XPEL Technologies Corp. designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance automotive paint and headlamp protection-film technologies. On display in the North Hall will be NBA superstar Tim Duncan’s ’14 Nissan GT-R with a matte-finish, self-healing XPEL Stealth Paint Protection film. You can check out this custom-crafted vehicle at Booth #12229.

Flex-a-lite, Booth #22513
Flex-a-lite introduces the Cooler Guard POP Display at its Booth #22513 located in Central Hall. As a long-time manufacturer of performance cooling products, the display is made from acrylic plastic and comes with a working Flex-a-lite oil cooler featuring a unique aluminum cooler guard. You can check out the new display at Booth #22513.

Toyo Tires, Booth # 40041 and #63103
The Toyo Tires Treadpass Exhibit connects attendees to the South and Central Halls. Some of the exciting features include a unique Recharge Lounge for attendees to recharge their bodies and devices, an oxygen bar, massage therapists and nearly 30 custom vehicles on display. Make sure to visit this unique exhibit.