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Spy Shots—1980s Camaro Testing With Next-Gen Model


KGP Photography received some strange shots from one of its rookie shooters of ’16 Camaro prototypes (with newly camouflaged roofs), testing with—of all things—an early-to-mid-’80s Camaro wearing proper GM manufacturer "M" plates. While his shots leave much to be desired, some of the subject matter is truly head-scratching. 

The Eighties Called

What the heck is an M-plated ’80s Camaro doing testing right in the thick of a proper General Motors test group in the Rocky Mountains? When GM commits the resources to sending loads of manpower and machinery to a remote testing location, it's serious business, and the manufacturer's plate affixed to this old-school red F-body strongly suggests this car is somehow part of the GM empire.    

The ’80s F-body test car was seen running with the Camaro prototype and a camouflaged Cadillac ATS. What originally seemed like a strange bit of happenstance became more interesting when the M-plate was spotted, and when the car was eventually loaded onto an open transporter with some other cars that had been part of the Rocky Mountain tests.    

KGP's rookie shooter has a mechanic's background, and he swears that the ’80s Camaro was rocking an intercooler, and sounded like some sort of turbocharged V6.

What's With The Roof Camo?

The ’16 Camaro prototypes had some new camouflage covering the entire roof--all the way from the A- to the C-pillars. Until now, every Camaro prototype spotted testing has had the area between the A- and B-pillars uncovered (except for the graphic wrap). Some of the cars could be Camaro convertibles, although a close look at the pillars and window frames and seals seems to point to a fixed room and not a traditional soft-top situation. It seems unlikely that the next Camaro convertible would be fitted with a retractable hard top of any kind.

Could these be prototypes for some sort of T-top/Targa Top design that's coming to the next-generation Camaro? There's nothing definitive to be gleaned from these amateur's photographs, but it does raise some questions that deserve further analysis. KGP is on the lookout for more, similarly disguised Camaros to try to get to the bottom of things. Stay tuned.


Photo credit: KGP Photography