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SEMA Show Super Session Presents Path to EPA/CARB Compliance

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

Mike Spagnola
Jim McFarland

It can take a lot of time and investment to create the kinds of innovative new performance products consumers crave today. Manufacturers must then ensure that they have met emissions requirements to allow them to legally take them to market.

Presented by SEMA experts from the legal, technical and service ends of the equation, this Thursday afternoon Super Session, entitled “EPA/CARB Compliance Made Easy,” provides an overview of how you can minimize both cost and time in reaching compliance status.

Any emissions-related part—which is almost any part associated with the powertrain—must adhere to standards enforced by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While the process is not always easy to understand, this Super Session presents a well-defined path to achieve compliance.

“This session will bring everybody absolutely up-to-date as to what the compliance landscape looks like, what the challenges may be and what the requirements are,” said Jim McFarland, SEMA technical consultant. Who should attend this session? According to McFarland, “Anyone who manufactures or sells an emissions-related part.”

The session, though, doesn’t end once the regulations are explained. Mike Spagnola of SEMA will be there to talk about how the newly organized SEMA Garage will be able to assist member companies. The Garage will not only test parts in accordance with state and federal law, the staff will also be able to help review test data, prepare certification applications and offer guidance if there are problems.

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