Exhibitor Update: Key Deadlines Tomorrow!

By SEMA Editors

The 2014 SEMA Show is less than three weeks away. Exhibitors should ensure they hit their deadlines.

The 2014 SEMA Show kicks off in 19 days. Here are key exhibitor deadlines that are about to pass or are fast approaching. In addition to the deadlines outlined below, exhibitors are encouraged to continuously review the Deadline Checklist to take advantage advance rates and secure orders for the Show.

Exhibitors: Is a Third Party Providing Services for You at the Show?

Exhibitors using an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC)—any third-party contractor performing services at the Show—must complete all EAC requirements to avoid delay or extra costs. EACs must conform to the EAC rules of the SEMA Show and complete an online application to be authorized to work at the Show by the October 17, deadline. They must also provide the SEMA with a certificate of insurance in order to be authorized to work onsite.

Contractors subject to the EAC rules are any companies and/or individuals that provide services to SEMA Show exhibitors, including, but not limited to, an installation and dismantling company, exhibit builder, sound and lighting company, detailer or any person or company providing direct services other than the official contractors listed in the Exhibitor Manual.

Questions? Contact Tom Gattuso or Gina Ledesma at 909-396-0289, or e-mail

Discounted Monorail Tickets

Exhibitors will receive a discount on Las Vegas Monorail tickets when they purchase tickets online in advance of the 2014 SEMA Show, November 4–7. Visit the Ticket Selection page on the Las Vegas Monorail website. Current offers for unlimited-ride passes are: three-day pass, $24; four-day pass, $32; and seven-day pass, $50. Monorail trains arrive every few minutes and conveniently connect riders to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the restaurants, shows, shops and casinos in Vegas.

October 17 Deadlines

October 21 Deadlines

October 24 Deadlines

October 30 Deadline

  • 1st Day Freeman will accept shipments at LVCC (Refer to target Floor Plan)

October 31 Deadline

Missed A Deadline?

The deadline to submit Exhibit Space Notification and Hanging Sign Design Notification forms has already passed (September 12). Exhibitors who have not submitted either of the above-mentioned forms run the risk of having their booth design and layout affected at the Show. The forms are available in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual. Regardless of the deadline, exhibitors MUST SUBMIT Exhibit Space Notification and Hanging Sign Design Notification forms.

For more information or questions, contact Lorri Monty at