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Spy Shots—Next-Gen Ford Super Duty


The shooters at KGP Photography spotted a new prototype for Ford's next-generation Super Duty pickup, sporting a new camouflage combination. It looks like Ford had decided to camouflage a rear bed cap that has been affixed to a Super Duty prototype.

The fact that Ford camouflaged a rear cap in this manner raises some questions. Is this some all-new cap designed specifically for the next-gen Super Duty, or is it just a normal run-of-the-mill cap that could be purchased for any current truck? The camouflage seems tailor-made for this particular top, and it successfully hides anything that could make it special. The cap has a badge on it from familiar cap maker "ATC Truck Covers," along with some grease pencil writing that makes it look like a pretty traditional transaction. So why the camouflage? Maybe it's simply to hide the contents or details of the truck bed. But the full vinyl wrap seems like overkill.

Whatever the explanation, the prototype Super Duty and its camouflaged cap is a bit of an anomaly among Ford's now-familiar Super Duty test trucks.


Photo credit: KGP Photography