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Spy Shots—Porsche Tests Panamera Second-Gen Prototype


Porsche has begun testing final-bodied prototypes for the second-generation Panamera sedan, and the shooters at KGP Photography have grabbed the first look of it testing on a Porsche test track.

The new Panamera is riding on an all-new, Porsche-developed platform, dubbed "MSB." Along with underpinning the next Panamera photographed here, the MSB is expected to provide the basis for the Bentley Flying Spur. But that's not all. Thanks to its reported modular flexibility, a version of the MSB platform is also expected to be used for the next mid-engine Boxster/Cayman, along with the next rear-engined 911. But before all of those spin-offs come to fruition, the Panamera will serve as the launch vehicle for the new MSB platform.

The next-generation Panamera is expected to get more pleasing styling, reportedly removing a lot of the awkward lines of today's model. Just as Porsche stylists found their stride on the latest versions of the Cayenne, the second go at the Panamera should be much more successful. The new Panamera is expected to spawn a wider model-array than the current version, with a Shooting Brake/Wagon variant taking cues from 2012's Sport Turismo concept, to be joined by a large two-door coupe and convertible. The coupe/convertible spin-off is viewed as the spiritual successor to the Porsche 928, and it might spawn its own model designation if Porsche decides not to try to stretch the Panamera line too far.

Given Porsche's traditionally slow development process, this second-generation Panamera is expected to reach the market in ’16 as a ’17 model.


Photo credit: KGP Photography