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5 Reasons Exhibitors Should Participate in the New Products Showcase

By Becca Butler

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The New Products Showcase is the No. 1 media and buyer destination at the SEMA Show.

One of the most sought-out areas at the 2014 SEMA Show is the New Products Showcase. This 35,000-sq.-ft. area located in Upper South Hall is the No. 1 media and buyer destination. By participating in the Showcase, exhibitors are able to draw attention to their company’s products, ultimately attracting more buyers to their booth.

Exhibitors who enter a product in the New Products Showcase will benefit from additional product exposure away from their Show booth by highlight their newest product releases, as well as featured products, to a new audience. This increased company exposure through the Showcase helps to create broadened business and networking opportunities that can pay dividends through the upcoming year.

Five benefits of entering a product into the New Products Showcase

  • It’s Free! The first product entered into the New Products Showcase is completely free. All additional entries are $75 per product category if entered by Friday, October 10, after which, the fee will be $150 per product category.
  • Increased Foot Traffic: Entering a product into the Showcase is a great way to get buyers and media to visit an exhibitor's  booth. The Showcase is the No. 1 destination for attendees, who will see the company name and booth number displayed next to the products. Buyers and media who scan products will also receive the information in hard copy.
  • Increased Publicity: The New Products Showcase is a highly photographed area of the SEMA Show. Photos will be promoted to the media, featured in future issues of SEMA News and posted on the SEMA website.
  • Possible Award Eligibility: New products entered into the Showcase are eligible to receive a SEMA Show New Product Award. This competition recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of products being introduced to the automotive aftermarket. Winners will be announced at the New Products Breakfast, Tuesday, November 4.
  • It’s Not Just For New Products: While products must meet specific requirements to be included in the New Products Showcase, the program includes a category so that all products may be displayed as a featured product. Featured products do not qualify for the New Products Awards Program, but receive the added exposure and increased publicity noted above.

Exhibitors can enter products into the Showcase online. For more information regarding the New Products Showcase, visit the SEMA Show website.