Customize With Confidence—Conquer Emerging Vehicle Tech

By John Waraniak

SEMA’s Vehicle Dynamics Forum is designed to show SEMA-member companies how advanced vehicle technologies impact their products and businesses.

SEMA’s Vehicle Dynamics Forum will help leading SEMA-member companies customize with confidence by showing how advanced vehicle technologies impact products and businesses. Showgoers can attend this forum to ensure that suspension products, systems and modifications can successfully integrate with the latest vehicle dynamics and comply with federal motor-vehicle safety regulations.

Participating member companies in SEMA’s Vehicle Dynamics Program have made significant achievements during the past five years to understand how performance products, such as suspension, brakes, wheels, tires and steering, as well as engine modifications, interact with electronic stability control and other active safety systems.

SEMA’s Vehicle Dynamics Forum is scheduled for Monday, November 3, from 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. in rooms N258–N260 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendance is free but registration is required.