3 Tips to Speed Through Show Registration

By Jason Catullo

  sema show floor
Online registration enables attendees to register quickly and have their badges mailed, allowing more time to prepare for business when the SEMA Show opens on November 4. Register at

As a commitment to provide a valuable exhibitor experience, SEMA Show management screens all attendees to ensure that the highest-quality buyers are on the Show floor. To help attendees register in minutes and get to business, here are some things to remember when registering for the Show, November 4–7, in Las Vegas.

Attendees who register for the 2014 SEMA Show online by October 17 will pay the advance rate of $25. After the deadline, registration can only be done on-site at the Show, and the price increases to $50.  

3 Tips to Speed Through Registration

  1. Proof of working for an auto-related company (two forms of qualifying materials are required and include: tax registration certificate or business registration; a business license; two recent paycheck stubs; business card (company name and address must correspond with information on registration form, and must include job title); business photo ID (must include company name, photo and full name); invoices from automotive companies doing business with your company.
  2. Register by October 17 to have badges mailed for domestic attendees (international attendees must register by September 19 to have badges mailed). In addition, media (including exhibiting media) and non-exhibiting manufacturer badges are not mailed and must to be picked up on-site.
  3. Once registration is complete and submitted, the information will be processed. Attendees will receive a confirmation e-mail that MUST be clicked on in order to complete the registration process. Note: Activating the link in the confirmation e-mail is an important step that is often overlooked by attendees, which will delay the badge-mailing process.  
After the confirmation is made, attendees can quickly secure hotel accommodations and reservations in minutes through the Travel & Lodging page. Here, visitors will find a list of hotels along with per-night prices and dates of availability. Booking through this service, which is provided by the official Show-housing partner Travel Planners, provides Showgoers with a low-price guarantee and premier customer service.

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