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Exhibitor Alert for Unauthorized Services

By SEMA Editors

 SEMA Show Daily
The SEMA Show Daily is the only official publication of the SEMA Show and the only publication with exclusive rights to distribute at the SEMA Show.

While SEMA Show management believes it's important to only communicate constructive information to help exhibitors prepare for the 2014 SEMA Show, it has come to the Association’s attention that at least one company is aggressively soliciting SEMA exhibitors to advertise in what they refer to as an official publication of the SEMA Show called Aftermarket Daily News. The publication may also say that it is affiliated with the AAPEX Show. In fact, neither is true; only SEMA Show Daily has exclusive rights to distribute at the SEMA Show.

Exhibitors should take this notification as a reminder to be cautious of all companies that contact a business unsolicited. It is possible that the products offered may not be delivered on the terms that are stated verbally, or not delivered at all, and the purveyors operate using business models that make legal recourse difficult or impossible.

The official and authorized contractors of the SEMA Show are viewable in the Exhibitor Services Manual. Official authorized contractors are restricted as to the means by which they may contact exhibitors. SEMA Show management has posted a Solicitations Warning in the Exhibitor Services Manual that details scams similar to the one addressed here.

Exhibitors who have concerns when contacted by vendors who represent themselves using SEMA’s name, are encouraged to contact Show Management at 909-978-6694 or e-mail