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Spy Shots—Upscale Hyundai Genesis Coupe


The Hyundai Genesis coupe mule shows signs of some significant repackaging, with a longer rear section highlighted by a protruding addition tacked on to the mule's rear bumper. The exhaust now reaches farther back for increased overall length, which will yield much more trunk space. The extra length out back would also allow a longer roofline, allowing the rear seats to be pushed rearward for more passenger space. The evidence on the ground supports recent reports that have suggested that the current coupe's recipe will change, moving upscale to become more of a true two-door version of the luxury-minded Genesis sedan. This move would mean that the Genesis Coupe might be cross-shopped against cars such as the BMW 6-series and Mercedes E-class Coupe instead of against the Ford Mustang.

Judging from this mule, it appears that the Genesis Coupe's wheelbase will remain largely unchanged, suggesting that some key hard points of the current model will remain, likely keeping costs in check. Alterations are applied to the mule's front fascia, but it's difficult to draw many conclusions from the changes, except to say there are likely different grille apertures to get to something similar to the current Genesis sedan or Hyundai's HND-9 concept coupe.

With a move to something more upscale and Genesis-worthy, there would be a real chance of a V8 joining a version of the 3.8L V6 that currently serves as the sole engine offered in the Genesis Coupe.

There are reports that the Genesis Coupe was due sometime in early-to-mid ’15, but the timing of this mule suggests something later. Perhaps ’16 as a ’17 model?


Photo credit: KGP Photography