Attendees Share Their Best SEMA Show Tips

By Monika Earle

Tips from SEMA Show veterans include: carry business cards, wear comfortable shoes, bring a backpack for snacks and water and don't plan on seeing everything in one day.

As the 2014 SEMA Show quickly approaches, attendees recently shared tips to help others get the most out of the annual event. Read what some SEMA Show Facebook fans had to say, and share your best tips in the comments area below.

“A backpack is a good option. It gives you room for all the swag and free stuff, but you can also pack water, snacks, a charger for your phone, etc. Pair that with comfy shoes, patience and breaking up areas for each day and you will have a much better experience.”

—Sal Danley

“Fifteen-year veteran's tips: 1. Comfy shoes but don't come dressed like you’re going to a BBQ (have some style, respect the trade). 2. Don't clog aisles/stairs/doorways. 3. Definitely buy your souvenir shirts and hats on the first day (your size always sells out). 4. Cover as many halls as possible by planning ahead and using 5. Plan on being [there] Friday for the SEMA Cruise (hands down the most exciting car event of the year). 6. Eat outside the convention center and avoid peak lunch times (11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.). Food trucks between the LVCC and the hotel or restaurants inside the [Westgate] will have less crowding at these times.”

—Michael Robleto

“Business cards, comfortable shoes, buy SEMA shirts early because they go fast, be polite and professional and use the map…it is your friend.”

—Sean Miller

“Comfortable shoes and clothes for a long day (or days) of walking, water, a snack for being on the run, cell phone and charging pack (charging stations are a pain and leave you immobile at times), a little cash and don't forget your pocket camera (cell phones don't always take the best pics with the crowds, lighting and tight spaces in the aisles). With all that, a light backpack may be your best bag for being mobile. Hand carts tend to slow you down and get in the way.”

—Brandon Reeves

“Good shoes. Don’t plan on seeing it all in one day. I find seeing what I need to on the first day then taking everything else in for the rest of the week works best...but I generally head back to the hotel mid-afternoon. Power parade Friday (SEMA Cruise) is a must see!”

—Dale Nagel

“Good shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, bring something to drink and have a good breakfast...You'll need it all! Make sure you know what you want to see/do and mark it on your map. That way you don't have to run around and you can skip what's not your interest. Enjoy Vegas!”

—Lisette van Es

“It's sensory overload! I recommend going for half or 2/3 day the first day, so you don't get yourself completely worn out for the rest of the show.”

—Bob Moon

“Look to see who is going be there and plan around the top five people you have to see. Comfortable shoes are helpful for sure and a backpack to carry all the swag you get so your hands are free to take pictures.”

—Joey Sanchez

“If you want to see everything, plan to attend all four days. If you've got less time, be sure to map out what you want to see and have a plan together. And as been said already, wear comfortable shoes.”

—Tony Moore