Spy Shots

Spy Shots—2016 Chevy Camaro First Public Road Tests


These fresh photos of the ’16 Chevy Camaro's first tests on public roads were captured by the pros at at KGP Photography, right before the GM test group rushed to get the vehicle back behind the walls of the GM Proving Grounds.

The initial shots of the next-gen Camaro were taken from an aerial perspective, so this newest look at the coming musclecar gives a welcome dose of real-world perspective to the shape, stance and proportions of the new Cadillac ATS-based platform. The frontal camouflage is quite thick, but some aspects of the grilles and headlights can be seen with a close look through the camo.

This particular test group—eight or nine cars strong—consisted of solely high-performance variants. There didn't seem to be a six-cylinder in the bunch, and they made one serious roar as they tried to streak past the lens.  

The Camaro's camouflage artists have taken a page from the SVT Mustang's playbook, going as far as to apply camouflage discs to cover the new model's wheel designs.


Photo credit: KGP Photography