2014 SEMA Garage Open House Highlights

By Clint Simone



More than 700 professionals from around the specialty-equipment industry gathered July 17 at SEMA Headquarters in Diamond Bar, California, for the 2014 SEMA Garage Open House.

The evening was an exciting showcase of the Association's latest endeavor in member service as guests took an insider’s look at the Garage’s many capabilities and enjoyed an evening filled with great food and automotive excitement.

Industry veterans, such as recent Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Cozzie, and Tom Longo of Derale Performance, were more than happy to share their thoughts on the brand-new facility. Cozzie was quick to say that he could not believe the building's transition from "empty canvas" to complete facility. Longo added that his company has already used resources such as the 3D printer and plans to also use the photo cove for upcoming projects. Capping off the conversation was automotive legend, George Barris, who was happy to provide the ultra-famous orginal television Batmobile for the event.

Read more about the new facility through “The New SEMA Garage” in the July issue of SEMA News.
SEMA members are also encouraged to take advantage of the industry-owned SEMA Garage for product development, fitment, research and more. For additional information about the garage, including upcoming events and availability, contact Mike Spagnola at