Where to Research New Products Before and During the SEMA Show

By SEMA Editors

Exhibitors can share newsworthy information, such as product demonstration announcements, through the Online Media Center.

Many exhibitors of the 2014 SEMA Show are submitting Show-centric press releases and new product announcements to the SEMA Show Online Media Center. The online info center serves as a destination for media and buyers seeking exhibitor-related news, information on new products and details regarding custom-vehicle debuts.

Exhibitors post new releases on a regular basis, and reporters visit the site often to catch the latest additions. With the Show less than 100 days away, the amount of newsworthy information that exhibitors are sharing through the Online Media Center is increasing.

Here are a few examples:

  • B-TEC Systems (booth #10745) will feature the new SUMO (Set Up My Own) Gun Washer that allows customers to choose only the features that they need. The SUMO is constructed with the same quality, stainless-steel cabinetry and brass fixtures found in all B-TEC equipment. The SUMO’s dual cabinet design only requires 37 in. of space. Full B-TEC Announcement
  • Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is planning four welding and cutting demonstrations in the company’s booth (#24113). The company will also unveil two new MIG welders at the Show, and its booth will include the Syncrowave 210 TIG/MIG Complete welder. The inverter-based Syncrowave 210 welds up to 1/4-in. thick material in a single pass, supporting AC/DC TIG and Stick processes; and now MIG welding, with the Syncrowave 210 (Auto-Line 120 – 240 V) MIG Complete package and Spoolmate 100 spool gun. Full Miller Electric Announcment
  • Westin Automotive (booth #34017) is introducing its bar clamps for LED light-bar mounting to a 3.5-in. diameter tube. The 3.5-in. LED Bar Clamps were developed as an extension to Westin’s NEW HD Contour Bar, which in combination can display a Westin Low Profile, Performance single-row or double-row LED Light Bar. The visible fasteners that secure the Bar Clamps to the 3.5-inc. tube match the fasteners used on the multi-faceted molded bushing of the HD Contour Bar. Full Westin Automotive Announcement

In addition to the pre-Show news and product announcements available through the Online Media Center, buyers will have the opportunity to research more than 2,000 new products through the SEMA Show’s No. 1 destination—the New Products Showcase. The New Products Showcase annually brings buyers and media up to speed with the specialty-equipment market’s latest products, as well as new and signature lines of potential customers, all in one location on the Show floor. The showcase allows buyers to scan products and obtain information about products and where the exhibitor's booth is located.

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