Where Buyers and Media See Your New Products First

By Rebecca Butler

  new products
The New Products Showcase is the No. 1 SEMA Show buyer and media destination.

The SEMA Show's New Products Showcase is a 35,000-sq.-ft. space that allows exhibitors to display their newest and most innovative products. It is open to all exhibitors and is the No. 1 SEMA Show buyer and media destination.

The showcase allows buyers to scan products and obtain information about products and where the exhibitor's booth is located. This provides exhibitors increased exposure and additional publicity for the products they register. All new products will be photographed and featured in SEMA News and on the SEMA website. In addition, products are judged and may be candidates for a New Products Award.

Enter a product in the New Products Showcase. The first product entry is free. All additional entries are $75 per product category if entered by Friday, October 10, after which, the fee will be $150 per product category.

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