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Spy Shots—Best Look Yet at Cadillac ATS-V


The shooters at KGP Photography just caught their first unobscured look at the front fascia for the Cadillac ATS-V sedan, marking the first time a prototype has been photographed without its frontal camouflaging bra. The latest shots give their best look yet at the high-performance sports sedan that Cadillac is aiming straight at the BMW M4.

The uncovered nose confirms that this ATS-V prototype is outfitted with a vertically slatted grille—completely different from anything in the ATS range, or the current Cadillac lineup, for that matter. The new grille design matches the grille treatment spotted on CTS-V prototypes, lending further evidence to the notion that Cadillac's V-spec models are getting a new design language to distinguish them from the standard or V-sport trim levels. The brawny front end, generous side skirts and deep rear valance with quad exhaust all combine to transform the rather lithe ATS into a serious muscle-bound sedan.

Most reports suggest that the ATS-V will be outfitted with Cadillac's twin-turbocharged 3.6L V6 engine, generating something in the neighborhood of 425 hp. This power rating would place it squarely on target compared to the M4. Rumor has it that a seven-speed automatic transmission will be optional on the ATS-V, providing a welcome measure of driver involvement for those who want to shift for themselves.


Photo credit: KGP Photography