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Spy Shots—Mustang Caught With New Clear Taillights


The shooters at KGP Photography caught a prototype for the ’15 Mustang sporting some new clear taillight lenses, providing a glimpse at what sources say is the European spec model. The white-lensed taillights look particularly clean when paired with the white bodywork on the Mustang in these shots. Such a finish option might be welcome on U.S. spec models, but there has been no news of any such option for American Mustangs.

The taillight changes, however, go a bit deeper than simply the color of the unlit taillights—they function differently than our U.S.-spec taillights. Instead of the Mustang's sequential rear-turn indicators, these signals alternate between two red bars using the taillights' inner LED strips, and a single amber strip on the outer light bar.

It also appears that this Mustang has larger side mirrors, likely on hand to satisfy the safety requirements specific to the European market.

Interestingly, the treatment found on this Euro-spec Mustang differs from the treatment on the Mustang shown in Ford's recent promotional videos connected with the Mustang's initial 500 orders coinciding with Europe's UEFA Champions League event between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.


Photo credit: KGP Photography