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Spy Shots—Second-Generation Ford Raptor Mule Breaks Cover


If you're looking for evidence that Ford will produce a second-generation Raptor based on its all-new F-150, this may be the smoking gun. 

The shooters at KGP Photography caught this test mule, which combines the aluminum Crew Cab from the ’15 F-150 with the front and rear sections from the current Ford Raptor. The new kick up at the truck's C-pillar and the transition between the cab and the front and rear fenders make it clear that Ford is mixing and matching parts as it begins adapting the Raptor's baja-busting bits to the all-new F-Series platform.

The mule also shows signs of an altered hood with a camouflaged design marked by a noteworthy bump in the center. A new grille is also grafted on, and sits uncomfortably between the headlights of the current Raptor. The grille behind the camouflage is revealed to have a mesh finish with a couple of horizontal bars. In this guise, it appears that the bold "Ford" letters emblazoned on the current Raptor's grille are MIA, but it's still too early to make any styling determinations on this initial test mule.

The shooters at KGP look forward to getting a closer look at this mule to see what it's really made of underneath. But for now, this appears to be clear-cut evidence that a Raptor 2.0 is now a real engineering project that looks destined for production.


Photo credit: KGP Photography