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2015 Ford Mustang, F-150 CAD Data Available Soon

By SEMA Editors

’15 Ford Mustang
’15 Ford F-150

On June 1, Ford Motor Co. will release CAD information on the ’15 Mustang and F-150. This data is available only to members who have subscribed to SEMA's Tech Transfer program. The fee is $360 per year. Other OEMs that are part of the program include Chrysler, General Motors and Scion.

Both the ’15 Mustang and F-150 will be available to SEMA members for a Measuring Session, May 29, at Ford Conference and Event Center in Dearborn, Michigan.

Interested? For more information and to sign up, contact Gary Pis at 909-978-6732 or garyp@sema.org.