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Spy Shots—Smokestacked Ford F-350 Prototype


The shooters at KGP Photography caught a new Ford F-350 prototype running the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, with a pair of smokestack exhaust pipes jutting vertically from its truck bed. At first glance, this looked like someone's subtly tweaked personal truck, but it was wearing a Ford manufacturer's plate, and had a yellow number strip on its headliner—all earmarks of a truck being tested within a Ford development program. The shooters followed the white prototype right to the same building that is being used to develop the next-generation Super Duty pickups, so it seems to be hitting all places you'd expect to find a proper Ford test truck. The prototype was wearing 6.7L PowerStroke badging.

This isn't the first time the shooters have seen a Ford-tested truck outfitted with smokestack exhaust. Another mule had been making the rounds last year in the form of an F-350 dually. But this latest truck looks to be far more polished, with a production-ready look that wasn't quite there on prior prototypes. Whether a 'Stacked F-350 is really being readied for a production, showroom-ready application is still uncertain, but Ford is clearly toying with a nicely finished example within its Super Duty development fleet. 


Photo credit: KGP Photography