Spy Shots

Spy Shots—Possible Z06X Prototype Caught Mountain Testing


Is this a prototype for the Corvette Z06X? The shooters at KGP Photography caught a new Corvette Z06 prototype testing in the Rocky Mountains. The car is camouflaged from the A-pillars, forward—a state of testing that is noteworthy in that every Z06 coupe prototype spotted since its auto show unveiling has been uncovered (wearing only its graphic wrap). This prototype was also the only Corvette covered in its overnight parking spot. They're clearly trying to hide something.

When the car pulled onto the street, the passenger-side front wheel was suspended off the ground, suggesting some insanely stiff suspension settings.

It's hard to peg any definite design changes on this prototype, although its front-grille work is different than the official Z06. That may just be a temporary grille for testing purposes, but it is noteworthy that the grille mesh is significantly thinner than the standard Z06's, which could be considered a possible weight-savings measure. According to sources, some new C7-based prototypes were being built with thinner glass, which would point to a Z06X that is truly in the works.

Chevrolet announced that a new Corvette variant would be shown at the upcoming New York Auto Show. Could the appearance of this new Z06 prototype point to the pending auto show unveil? If so, perhaps it's the Z06X that's on tap to wow the New York Auto Show audience.


Photo credit: KGP Photography