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Spy Shots—2017 Ford Super Duty Prototypes Break Cover


Ford has begun testing prototypes for its next-generation Super Duty trucks, and the shooters at KGP Photography have the first shots to prove it. The massive pickup prototypes are thoroughly covered in camouflage, for what appears to be their most significant overhaul in a very long time.  

Aluminum Or Steel?

These prototypes have actually appeared sooner than many analyst sources had expected, suggesting that Ford is working to continue its momentum having just finished the bulk of the development work on the new F-150 trucks. Ford representatives are very confident that the all-new, aluminum-intensive F-150 is a game changer in the standard-duty pickup segment, so the question is, are they are going to try to parlay that advantage into the heavy-duty truck ranks? As these prototypes are literally fresh off the pilot build lines, the shooters haven't had a chance to get close enough with any magnets to try to answer the big "Is it aluminum," question, but they will keep digging to try to get more information.

The continuous improvements necessary to compete in the truck segment means that Ford has already made several improvements to their Super Duty engines, many of which will likely find their way into these new trucks—including direct injection that is destined for the 6.2L V8 for the ’14 model year. The prototype caught here is clearly a diesel, but its displacement and power output are unknown.

The Super Duty will get a beefed-up version of the new 10-speed transition as part of the GM/Ford joint-venture, further aiding in fuel economy, which will continue to be a major focus of Ford's truck-related efforts.

With the appearance of these new prototypes, it looks like the next-generation Super Duty is on pace for a ’16 calendar year intro as a ’17 model.


Photo credit: KGP Photography