Get a Great Deal Now on SEMA Show Hotels

By SEMA Editors

Travel Planners includes this seal on all e-mail communications with SEMA exhibitors and attendees, as well as on their website. If you do not see this seal on a website or e-mail that promotes hotel rooms for the SEMA Show, it is not an official SEMA provider.

SEMA Showgoers can obtain reliable, low-cost hotel rooms from Travel Planners—the official housing partner for the 2014 SEMA Show. Reservations made online offer discounts at dozens of hotels, and many more properties have agreed to waive the standard “resort fees” currently implemented throughout the city.

Show Management is increasingly aware of the amount of solicitations that Showgoers receive regarding hotel reservations for the week of the SEMA Show. While other options are available, Travel Planners is the only housing company that is backed by SEMA.

“We want to give SEMA Show attendees the confidence that when booking their travel plans, they are ensured low rates and a high level of personal service from a dependable partner to help make their trip to the SEMA Show easy and affordable,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA vice president of communications and events. “Showgoers should be aware that there are other travel providers that often misrepresent their rates and ultimately leave people paying more, or in some cases, without a reservation at all.”

SEMA began partnering with Travel Planners in 2011 to provide Showgoers with guaranteed low rates on dozens of hotel rooms in Las Vegas during the week of the SEMA Show. The 33-year-old company works with the hotels to identify guests as SEMA Showgoers, so they are informed about Show-related programs, such as free shuttles.

For international attendees, Travel Planners' entire reservations website can be translated into 55 different languages, and there is Skype availability on the site to connect users with helpful agents, toll free. Additional benefits that are available include complimentary services, such as in-room Internet access and Continental breakfast.

Other benefits of booking through Travel Planners include:

  • No service fees charged.
  • Ability to update or cancel reservations up to three days prior to the event without any fees or penalties.
  • Immediate confirmations upon making reservations.
  • On-site assistance from Travel Planners staff at the SEMA Show.
  • Pre-negotiated rates don't change regardless of when rooms are booked (space providing)
  • Guaranteed low rate: The housing bureau actively monitors to ensure that they are offering the lowest possible rates. If guests do find a lower rate, Travel Planners will match or beat the lower rate.
  • No hidden fees: Many hotels in Las Vegas advertise lower rates and charge a “resort fee” on top of that rate. SEMA and Travel Planners have worked with hotels to waive such fees. The price quoted through Travel Planners is all-inclusive and will not have other fees added to it.
  • Exclusive room blocks: SEMA and Travel Planners lock in prime blocks of rooms at host hotels. As a result, rooms may appear to be sold out to the rest of the world when in reality they are being held for SEMA Showgoers who go through the SEMA Housing Services.
  • Extra level of service: Because reservations made through Travel Planners identify guests as SEMA Showgoers, the hotel staff provides a higher level of service and helps direct guests to Show-related programs, such as free shuttles. Guests also receive confirmation numbers in advance of the Show and can get hotel help from Travel Planners staff at the SEMA Show.

To secure rooms through the official SEMA Housing Services, reservations should be made from the SEMA Show site and include the official housing seal, as displayed to the right. Travel Planners can also be reached directly at 800-221-3531 or 212-532-1660.