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SEMA Garage Expands Services, Unveils State-of-the-Art Media Cove

By SEMA Editors

SEMA Vice President of OEM and Product Development Programs Mike Spagnola discusses the benefits of the new media cove.

One of the newest benefits available to SEMA manufacturing members is the SEMA Garage – Industry Innovations Center located adjacent to SEMA headquarters in Diamond Bar, California. For more than two months, construction has been underway on the newest addition to the SEMA Garage—a state-of-the-art media cove.

As the project nears completion, SEMA Vice President of OEM and Product Development Programs Mike Spagnola spoke with SEMA News about the significance of the new facility.

In addition to the cove, the SEMA Garage provides other services and tools designed for product development, fitment, research and more. In fact, the SEMA Garage serves as the main location for most of SEMA’s Measuring Sessions—granting manufacturers access to upcoming vehicles, most often, before they hit dealerships. With SEMA's custom scanning service and Tech Transfer program, the entire product development process is now more affordable, and more efficient than ever.

Last October, SEMA eNews Senior Editor Jason Catullo published this SEMA Garage article covering some of the exciting projects taking place at the newly repurposed facility.

For more information about the SEMA Garage-Industry Innovations Center, including upcoming events and availability, contact Mike Spagnola at