Coming Soon! Your SEMA Account Representative

SEMA News—February 2014


Coming Soon: Your SEMA Account Representative

Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO Over the last several years, SEMA has taken steps to heighten our outreach and increase touch points with members and the industry at large. This effort has included a commitment to enhancing customer service and raising the awareness of SEMA’s high-value member benefits. We recently announced a major move that will provide our members with the best customer service possible. For the first time in 50 years, each SEMA member will now have a single, dedicated point of contact for all things SEMA.

You’ll be hearing from your new SEMA staff account representative in the months ahead. Each SEMA member will now have a motivated, knowledgeable, fulltime contact who sits directly in SEMA headquarters and communicates with the SEMA services team. Your SEMA account representative will also be the same person who will handle all your SEMA Show needs, from booth-space sales to credentialing and everything between.

The matter of having dedicated in-house account representatives is more important to accomplishing the SEMA mission than it may first appear. SEMA exists solely for the purpose of helping our member companies succeed and prosper. Producing the SEMA Show is perhaps the most visible way we do that. Historically, our trusted partner, ConvExx Show Management, has been the touch point for thousands of contacts annually with SEMA members on Show-related matters. By bringing Show sales together with member services in-house at SEMA, our members will now experience a customer-service relationship that includes all that SEMA has to offer.

In addition to their Show expertise, account reps will be well versed in SEMA benefits and activities and will be available year-round. Got a question about your membership? Don’t understand how to tap into Tech Transfer or make an appointment at the SEMA Garage? Wondering who to talk to about the SEMA Data Co-op or how to attend a Town Hall Meeting? Now you can call one person, and your rep will provide the service you need. If your SEMA rep doesn’t have the answer, he or she will know who does. We expect the net result to be greater awareness and value received for your SEMA membership.

A few words about the ConvExx team: For three-plus decades, Chuck Schwartz and his team have done an outstanding job in helping us produce the SEMA Show. They have played an important role in the success and value provided by the SEMA Show today. That good work is greatly appreciated. Evolving and improving the association now means a change—and, in this case, saying thanks for a job well done. Thank you, Chuck Schwartz and ConvExx—you served our SEMA members and the Show so very well.

Our entire team is excited about the opportunities this new in-house capability means for our members, and we look forward to building even stronger relationships with each of you. When your SEMA staff account rep calls, you’ll likely find that you have more to discuss than ever. And please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about your membership, the Show or other year-round association benefits. Your rep will be there to help.