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Spy Shots—First Photos of Jeep Lattitude "Jeepster" Prototype


KGP Photography's man in Italy has snagged a new batch of highly detailed photos of a production-spec prototype for the new baby Jeep. The new, close-up shots provide 100% confirmation that this is, in fact, the new global, entry-level Jeep, while giving the best look yet at some of the mini-SUV's design cues. The steering wheel is emblazoned with the "Jeep" logo, removing any doubt as to its identity. The heavy camouflage hides many details, but this is a clear look at the small Jeep's vertical grille slats and rounded headlights and taillights.

The new Jeep uses the Fiat "Small" architecture, but the baby Jeep is rumored to still have a reasonable level of off-roadability. Analysts point to the highly regarded Fiat Panda 4x4 off-roader as a promising starting point on which this new small Jeep can build. This off-road-adapted platform has been engineered with North America in mind from the beginning, with an engine bay ready for an engine up to 2.4L in displacement. Therefore, the new baby Jeep will likely offer the 2.4L Tigershark four-cylinder, with the 2.0L Tigershark and Fiat's 1.4L turbo as other likely options.

It was just announced that the new entry-level Jeep will make its appearance in the first quarter of this year, possibly getting a global unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. There are also rumblings about the name of this new Jeep, and it's not "Jeepster." The name "Lattitude" is being passed around by inside sources.


Photo credit: KGP Photography