SEMA Enhances Customer Service With Association Benefits Team

By Della Domingo

mez sesh
In-house account representatives will help SEMA members with both Show and non-Show programs, including Measuring Sessions.
SEMA is enhancing customer service and raising awareness of its member benefits by assigning each member company with a single point of contact to assist with all Show-related services and with association programs and services. The in-house account representative will help members with booth space, sponsorships, magazine ads, Show registration, as well as non-Show programs, including Measuring Sessions, Tech Transfer, research, education and more.

“The matter of having dedicated in-house account representatives is more important to accomplishing the SEMA mission than it may first appear,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO.

In addition to SEMA Show expertise, account reps will communicate and connect members to relevant programs and benefits, such as those that help with product development, prototyping, data compliance issues and more. Account reps will service companies based on business categories as follows:
"By bringing Show sales together with member services in-house at SEMA, our members will now experience a customer-service relationship that includes all that SEMA has to offer," said Kersting. "We expect the net result to be greater awareness and value received for your SEMA membership."

Account representatives will reach out to their assigned members in the coming weeks. Members are also invited to reach out directly to their account reps, or contact 909-396-0289,