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Spy Shots—2015 Land Rover LR2 Caught Winter Testing


The shooters at KGP Photography got a fresh look at a prototype for the ’15 Land Rover LR2 tackling some winter-testing grounds in Northern Europe.

The new LR2 will ride on a thoroughly massaged version of the current model's Ford-based EUCD architecture, taking many platform cues from the Range Rover Evoque. The all-new styling finally gives the LR2 a modernized look sorely needed to battle the ever-growing roster of competitors in the burgeoning entry-level premium crossover segment.

Reports are circulating that the LR2 will be the first model to utilize Land Rover's "Premium Adventure" design language. Those reports suggest that the new styling ethos will help create a visual separation between Land Rover and Range Rover models (which are styled using the "Premium Sophistication" design language). Whatever name that's used to describe the LR2's styling, there is clearly still a strong link between the LR2 and the Evoque/Range Rover/Range Sport models.

The new LR2 appears larger and longer than today's model, which will allow third-row seating for the first time. The seven-seat LR2 will provide some further separation from its Evoque platform-mate, which stresses low-slung style over cargo capacity. The differently packaged offerings will help flesh out the Land Rover/Range Rover model range for greater market coverage.

Rumor is that the LR2 may get some help from the aluminum-intensive program being developed for the Jaguar XS 3-series-fighter, and Jag's new crossover, to help with fuel-efficiency.


Photo credit: KGP Photography